• What does mean RSS, Atom, OPML...?

RSS is a file format designed to make it easy to use the information published on web sites.
RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. It can be used in many ways, but the most common application is for use in software known as news readers or news aggregators. These are dedicated programs which allow you to read RSS files.
ThinFeeder is a news reader and aggregator.
Atom is a format quite similar to RSS, but a little improved.
OPML is a file format that can be used to import and export subscription lists between programs that read RSS files, such as feed readers and aggregators. It provides a very interesting way to share your favorite RSS sites with your friends.
To get some more information about this, please go here, or search for it using Google.

  • Is ThinFeeder really free?

Yes, ThinFeeder is free software, and you may download it's source code. It follows the Gnu Public License (GPL).

  • Where do I find interesting RSS sites?

There are many ways to do that. A good start is to import the shared OPML files here, on ThinFeeder website. Go to the Share your OPML section. Some interesting links are referred on ThinFeeder (Subscriptions - Find More Sites). Join our Mailing List and ask for something more!

  • I've downloaded ThinFeeder and cannot install this... Got a message like "You do not appear to have a Java Runtime Environment installed...", or something like this. What do I do?

Ok, you are probably a Windows user. This message means that ThinFeeder needs Java to run, and you apparently doesn't have it installed on your machine. No matter. Just go to website, click on "Get It Now" button. It will download and install Java on your machine. Just follow the instructions. After this, you will be able to install ThinFeeder normally. Easy, huh?

  • How to upgrade from ThinFeeder's previous versions?

The user data (channels, icons, etc) is preserved between ThinFeeder upgrades. To upgrade, you just need to uninstall and reinstall ThinFeeder, or just run the new version if you are using the "All OS" distribution. However, we recommend that you export your channels (Subscriptions - Export Subscriptions) before to upgrade. Any problems, refer to mailing list.

  • How do I run the "All Operating Systems" distribution of ThinFeeder?

Quite easy. Just run the following command-line:
java -jar thinfeeder.jar
Make sure that "java" command is visible, for example, on your CLASSPATH.

  • Where are my ThinFeeder's preferences and data stored on?

ThinFeeder uses the HSQL database engine to store all data. HSQL database files are stored on a directory called ".thinfeeder", that resides on your user's preferences directory. For example, on Windows it normally calls "Documents and Settings", on Linux it is normally "/home/yourusername", or simple "~/".

  • Wow, this project is very cool! How do I donate, contribute or support you, guys?

Thank you very much! provides a tool that ables you to easily support us, through PayPal. Just follow this link:
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